1000 Carbon tetrachloride Pre-Equilibrated System Information

1000 Carbon tetrachloride.<br>Rectangular box; 1000 molecules.<br><br>Click to toggle size.

Fig 1. 1000 Carbon tetrachloride.
Rectangular box; 1000 molecules.

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Name1000 Carbon tetrachloride
DescriptionRectangular box; 1000 molecules
Temperature (K)0.0
Pressure (Bar)1.013
Equilibration time (ns)5.5
Time Step (ps)0.002
AuthorsTironi, I. G., Fontana, P. and van Gunsteren, W. F
Literature Referencehttp://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/08927029608022351#preview
Molecule box ID71

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