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Processing Information

QM Processing Stage

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Processing Stage Template Semi-Empirical QM (QM0) DFT QM (QM1) DFT Hessian QM (QM2)
Calculation None Energy Minization Energy Minization Hessian
Level of Theory None Semi-Empirical / SCF DFT (B3LYP/6-31G*) DFT (B3LYP/6-31G*)
Default Size Limit (Atoms) 1000 500 50 40
Content of MD Topology
Charges Derived From None MOPAC Merz-Singh-Kollman Merz-Singh-Kollman
Geometry  User Provided Optimized Optimized Optimized
Non-Bonded Interactions Bonds Rule Based:

Parameters are asigned from existing parameters with a set of rules based on atom types and geometry.

Hessian Based:

Force constant are calculated from the QM potential. New parameters are created when no suitable parameters exists.



Current Processing StateTemplate
Total Processing Time0:05:46 (hh:mm:ss)
Error recordedSemi-empirical geometry optimisation failed. The most likely cause is that either: (1) the geometry was inappropriate; (2) the number of hydrogen atoms or the net charge was inappropriate. Details: *** FAILURE TO LOCATE STATIONARY POINT, SCF HAS NOT CONVERGED (seems to only fail on step 1)

Molecule Information

Molecule Typeheteromolecule
Residue Name (RNME)IT9R
(2R)-2-[4-(2-methylpropyl)phenyl]propanoic acid
Common Name(R)-(-)-Ibuprofen
Canonical SMILES (Daylight)
Number of atoms19
Net Charge0
Molecule ID319312
ChemSpider ID102822
Visibility Public
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Topology History

Similar compounds (1-11 of 11)

Molid  Formula  Iupac  Atoms  Charge  Curation  Details 
36897 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
11310 C13H17O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 32 -1 ATB
358843 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
340237 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
22577 C13H17O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 32 -1 ATB
342685 C13H14O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 29 0 ATB
250963 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
22269 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
358845 C13H14O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 29 0 ATB
341171 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB
1874 C13H18O2 (2R)-2-[4-(2-methylp ... 33 0 ATB ΔGHyd
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ATB Pipeline Setting

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The maximum QM level is computed using the ATB Pipeline atom limits but can be manually increased on a case by case basis.

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