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Academic: Access to the ATB as an academic user is only available for users from publicly funded teaching or research institutions. Any molecule submitted to the ATB as an academic user will be made publicly available.

Commercial: All other users of the ATB should register as commercial. Commercial access is made available under either a license or a collaborative agreement on a case-by-case basis. Commercial users (or academic users operating under a collaborative agreement) can restrict access to molecules they submit, associate with groups of existing users and gain access to additional functionality depending on the nature of the agreement.

If you are uncertain whether you should register as an academic or a commercial user please select commercial.

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NB: The following emails providers are no longer accepted for requesting commercial or academic access: gmail.* yahoo.* hotmail.* 163.* 126.* qq.* outlook.* yandex.* ymail.* msn.* icloud.* foxmail.* sute.*. Please use an email affiliated to your business or institution; and not a private one. This is required for us to comply with funding requirements.